Mixed Media

New Artist

Anita Connelly

#55 - Anita's Atelier
2 Dimensional Bakersville Mixed Media
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Annette V. Centofanti

#109 - Annette V. Centofanti
Celo Clay Mixed Media
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Barbara Kahn

# 127 - Barbara Kahn Art
2 Dimensional Mixed Media Other Spruce Pine
Canvas Print Painting Photography Photomontage
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Bridget VanRemortel

Bakersville Fiber Mixed Media
and wood fiber rattan
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New Artist

Carew Henry

Intergalactic Architect
Celo Jewelry Metal Mixed Media
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Christina Gordon

#83 - Fun Frolic Farm
Celo Mixed Media Other
Farm Goods Leather Soap
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Chuck Young and Deana Blanchard

#52 - Selena Glass & Metal
Burnsville Glass Metal Mixed Media
Sculpture with attitude Selena Sparkly stained glass
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Claudia Dunaway

#20 - Yummy Mud Puddle
2 Dimensional Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Burnsville Mixed Media
block printed textiles and monoprints. Collage Wood block prints
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Connie Karleta Sales

#8 - Crooked Little Flower Studio
Bakersville Jewelry Mixed Media
Jewelry Miniatures mixed media
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Deborah Kolp

#119 - Deborah Kolp Plumb Art
2 Dimensional Mixed Media Spruce Pine
Drawing Oils Small Sculpture
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Edwina Bringle

#10 - Bringle Gallery and Pottery
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Fiber Jewelry Mixed Media Penland
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John D Richards

#20 - Yummy Mud Puddle
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Burnsville Jewelry Mixed Media Other
Extremely Mixed Media outsider art recycled art sculptural lamps
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New Artist

Jonah Woodstock

#35 - Woodstock Bookstock
Burnsville Fiber Mixed Media
Bookbinding Journals Sketchbooks
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Linda Powell

#80 - High Country Ceramic Arts
Burnsville Clay Mixed Media
Functional Pottery mixed media Sculpture
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Maria Granatosky

#118 - Mountain Mermaid Pottery
Clay Mixed Media Spruce Pine
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New Artist

Olivier Calas

Burnsville Mixed Media
Encaustic Painting
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Rob Levin

#38 - Levin Glass
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Celo Glass Mixed Media
glass mixed media sculpture
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Sally Morgan Guérard

#129 - Guérard Studios Annex
Bakersville Fiber Mixed Media
Brooms needle felting
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