Participating Artists

Stanley Mace Andersen

#1 - Andersen Pottery
Bakersville Clay
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Kurt Anderson

#94 - Kurt Anderson Studio
2 Dimensional Clay Spruce Pine
2d painted wood creatures Pottery
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New Artist

Dorothy Ansell

#17 - Windmill Hill Studios
Bakersville Glass Jewelry Metal
fused glass sterling silver jewelry
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Linda Gayle Banner

#84 - Little Blackberry Creek Pottery
Celo Clay
Ceramics Clay Stoneware
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Walt Barker

#128 - Walt Barker Art
2 Dimensional Burnsville
Oil Painting
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Robbie Bell

#6 - Speckled Dog Pottery
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Bakersville Clay
Dinnerware Functional
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William and Katherine Bernstein

#7 - Bernstein Glass
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Celo Glass
Blown Glass Cast Glass Sculpture
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Stephanie Thomas Berry

#9 - Wonder & Dust Studio
2 Dimensional Celo
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Cynthia Bringle

#10 - Bringle Gallery and Pottery
2 Dimensional Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Clay Glass Penland
Clay glass beads Painting
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Edwina Bringle

#10 - Bringle Gallery and Pottery
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Fiber Jewelry Mixed Media Penland
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