Participating Artists and Galleries

Annette V. Centofanti

#109 - Annette V. Centofanti
Celo Clay Mixed Media
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Bridget Fox

#69 - Mudventions
Celo Clay
decorative pottery interactive lighting Sculptural ceramics
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New Artist

Carew Henry

Intergalactic Architect
Celo Jewelry Metal Mixed Media
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Charlie Smith

#56 - Charlie Smith's Studio
Celo Wood
Fruit bowls Wooden salad bowls Wooden sculpture
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Christina Gordon

#83 - Fun Frolic Farm
Celo Mixed Media Other
Farm Goods Leather Soap
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David Wilson and Loretta Forde

#23 - Forde Wilson Glass
Celo Glass
Affordable Blown Glass Functional One of a Kind
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Emily Rogstad

#132 - Emily Rogstad Jewelry
Celo Jewelry
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Jamie Karolich

#132 - Small Batch Studio and Press
Celo Other
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Kalen Freeman

#33 - SKH Pottery
2 Dimensional Celo
Photo Note Cards
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Kathryn House

#33 - SKH Pottery
Celo Clay
Hand-built Stoneware and Tiles
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