Participating Artists and Galleries

Annette V. Centofanti

#109 - Annette V. Centofanti
Celo Clay Mixed Media
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Bridget Fox

#69 - Mudventions
Celo Clay
decorative pottery interactive lighting Sculptural ceramics
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New Artist

Christopher Nash

Clay Spruce Pine
Face jugs and vessels
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Courtney Martin

#24 - Geci / Martin Studios
Bakersville Clay
Wood fired NC Clay
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Cynthia Bringle

#10 - Bringle Gallery and Pottery
2 Dimensional Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Clay Glass Penland
Clay glass beads Painting
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David Ross

#48 Snow Creek Pottery
Bakersville Clay
Hi fire serving platters
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Dennis McAvoy

#16 - McAvoy Pottery
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Burnsville Clay
Ceramics Crystalline Glazes Hand Crafted
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High Country Ceramic Arts

Gallery K
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Burnsville Clay Gallery
Pottery Sculpture
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In Tandem Gallery

Gallery H
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Bakersville Clay Gallery Jewelry
Ceramics Functional Pottery
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Jenny Lou Sherburne

#54 - Jenny Lou Sherburne Pottery
Bakersville Clay
Colorful Functional Pottery Sculptural
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