Participating Artists and Galleries

Alena Applerose

Celo Jewelry Metal Mixed Media
Adornments Blacklight Enamel

Anita Connelly

2 Dimensional Bakersville Mixed Media
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Annette V. Centofanti

Celo Clay Mixed Media
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Barbara Kahn

2 Dimensional Mixed Media Other Spruce Pine
Canvas Print Painting Photography Photomontage
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Bridget VanRemortel

Bakersville Fiber Mixed Media
and wood fiber rattan
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Carew Henry

Celo Jewelry Metal Mixed Media
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Chuck Young and Deana Blanchard

Burnsville Glass Metal Mixed Media
Sculpture with attitude Selena Sparkly stained glass
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Claudia Dunaway

2 Dimensional Burnsville Mixed Media
block printed textiles and monoprints. Collage Wood block prints
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Connie Karleta Sales

Bakersville Jewelry Mixed Media
Jewelry Miniatures mixed media
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Deborah Kolp

2 Dimensional Mixed Media Spruce Pine
Drawing Oils Small Sculpture
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