Participating Artists and Galleries

Barbara Kahn

# 127 - Barbara Kahn Art
2 Dimensional Mixed Media Other Spruce Pine
Canvas Print Painting Photography Photomontage
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Christina Gordon

#83 - Fun Frolic Farm
Celo Mixed Media Other
Farm Goods Leather Soap
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Daniel Essig

#26 - Essig Studios
Other Penland
Books Sculptural Books
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Jamie Karolich

#132 - Small Batch Studio and Press
Celo Other
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John D Richards

#20 - Yummy Mud Puddle
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Burnsville Jewelry Mixed Media Other
Extremely Mixed Media outsider art recycled art sculptural lamps
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Kathryn Lynch

Libby Clare Handmade
Burnsville Fiber Other
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Terry Weber

#5 - TW Weaving
Burnsville Fiber Other
Scarves Table Runners Weaving
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New Artist

Victoria Hicks

Bakersville Clay Other
Photography Sculpture
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