Spruce Pine Area Artists & Galleries

Kurt Anderson

#94 - Kurt Anderson Studio
2 Dimensional Clay Spruce Pine
2d painted wood creatures Pottery
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Larry Brown

#133 - Larry Brown Studio
Spruce Pine Wood
Floor lamps handmade furniture handmade shades table lamps
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Maria Granatosky

#118 - Mountain Mermaid Pottery
Clay Mixed Media Spruce Pine
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Barbara Kahn

# 127 - Barbara Kahn Art
2 Dimensional Mixed Media Other Spruce Pine
Canvas Print Painting Photography Photomontage
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Deborah Kolp

#119 - Deborah Kolp Plumb Art
2 Dimensional Mixed Media Spruce Pine
Drawing Oils Small Sculpture
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New Artist

Christopher Nash

Clay Spruce Pine
Face jugs and vessels
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Joe Nielander

#121 - Nielander Glass
Glass Spruce Pine
cups and sculptures Hand blown glass vases
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New Artist

Kaitlyn Pruitt

#11 - Terra Reforma
Clay Spruce Pine
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Constance Schulze

CS Designs
Jewelry Metal Spruce Pine Wood
Art Jewelry interior design accessories
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Dori Settles

#127 - Funky Dori
Artists Galleries & Craft Schools Glass Spruce Pine
Kiln-formed Glass ornaments Sculpture
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Toe River Arts – Spruce Pine

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